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  • Oh

    Put your loving hand out baby

    I'm beggin


    Beggin, beggin you

    Put your loving hand out baby

    Beggin, beggin you

    Put your loving hand out darling

    Ridin high, when I was king

    Played it hard and fast, cause I had everything

    Walked away, won me then

    But easy come and easy go

    And it would end

    So I eight tama dj let me go

    Eight tama vj get me know

    Eight tama sekeey let me know

    But, I played that sj let me go

    I'm on my knees when I'm (beggin)

    Couse I don't want to lose (you)

    I got my heart on spett

    And I hope that my heart gets wet becouse I freak down a beck


    I need you, (yeeah) to understand

    Tried so hard

    To be your man

    The kind of man you want in the end

    Only then can I begin to live again

    An empty shell

    I used to be

    Shadow of my life

    Was hangin over me

    A broken man

    Without a throne

    Wont even stand the devils dance

    To win my soul

    I am a chocen why am a chaisen

    Boutam boutam, boutam plasment

    Why me got got shit on the brayslett

    Why then feel for that need a replacement

    Your the wrong way track from the good

    I wanna picka pickta having a good in jet

    Like a audience inn a dest-way should

    You can even the way have it to took the tampt anna

    Keep losing on keep dosinn on keep

    Boss befor not a call for sure

    Keep hoe

    Couse I don't wanna live whit the broken home girl a neck


    I'm fighting hard

    To hold my own

    No, I just can't make it

    All alone

    I'm holdin on

    I can't fall back

    Now that big brass ring

    Is a shade of black

  • 其它信息:
  • Madcon组合是由Tshawe Baqwa和Yosef Wolde-Mariam组成的,挪威的Hip-hop组合。Tshawe出生在德国,父母是南非人。他们在挪威和不同风格的艺术家频繁的合作,他们也是挪威的电视节目The Voice of Madcon的主持人。他们的节目在每周的周一到周四,晚上10点到11点在挪威的音乐频道播出。这档节目主要聚焦音乐相关话题,以及一些采访。


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